Breastfeeding and working

Long breastfeeding (more than 3 month) is not common in Belgium.
Here, we have no "mother clubs" or "breastfeeding groups" to encourage mothers.
I hope this testimony will give confidence to other mothers
who want to go back to work and keep on breastfeeding.
I would be really glad to hear your comments !

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The best breast pumps

The day before I went back to work, when my baby was 3 month old, I had never imagined that I could continue exclusive brestfeeding. I was desperate, though, at the idea of (partly) stopping and giving him formula. I had tried a variety of breastpumps : the electric ones were huge and heavy, impossible to use discretely at work. The manual ones did not allow me to express more than a quarter of bottle at a time. Moreover, I just had enough milk for my baby's 7 daily meals, so stocking milk was almost impossible.

Nevertheless, I never started to give him formula, and went back to work, on a Monday morning, with the Avent Isis breast pump a friend of mine had lent me. I only thought it would relieve me and avoid intempestive milk flows... I never thought it would allow me to continue exclusive brestfeeding for almost 3 months !

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Breastfeeding and working is possible !

At noon, I found a discrete place and started expressing milk. I could not believe my eyes ! The bottle was full ! I did the same at four o'clock, and I went back to the nurse with two full bottles that my baby boy would drink the next day. Is was just as simple as that ! During the week-end, I simply breastfed on demand, and my baby boy never complained, neither for (Avent) bottles, nor for going back to breast...

Today, Ferdinand is one year old, and I am still breastfeeding him twice a day. I don't regret the efforts of the beginning. He is splendid, and those lovely moments together are worth everything !

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